Tithing Declaration

Dear Ward Members,

The term “tithing settlement” has been changed to “tithing declaration.”  This change emphasizes that the primary purpose of this interview is to provide members with an opportunity to declare their tithing faithfulness, not to “settle” an account. The focus should be on the member’s covenant relationship with Heavenly Father and on teaching the spiritual nature of tithing, especially to children and youth.

We learn in the temple about the wonderful principle of “Return and Report”.  We are shown how we receive guidance and direction from our Father in Heaven.  We are also shown by example how our Savior returns and reports progress on the direction he has been given. This reporting enables the Father to provide acceptance, praise for a job well done, and when needed, give further direction.

What a blessing it is to conduct Tithing Declarations this year as we meet together and support each other.  This is your opportunity to return and report.  

Please contact Brother Dave Summers to schedule a family Tithing Declaration appointment.

Thank you for all that you do to support the Lord with his work. 


“Stay Humble, Work Hard, & Be Kind”