Bathroom Policy – Highland 28th Ward

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We know the safety of our Primary children is an effort that the Lord has called us to.  President Russell M. Nelson said “Act by inspiration, motivated by love;” referring to how we should serve others. We as a ward leadership desire and are grateful for the inspiration we have received. We are implementing a new bathroom policy for all children in the primary at the church building. 

The new Policy states:

“All primary-age children during primary or sharing time must be escorted to the restroom by a primary worker or approved adult member of the same sex.  The primary worker or approved adult member will check the restroom first and then wait outside the restroom for the child to finish.  The primary worker or approved adult member will then accompany the child back to primary or sharing time.” 

Our Savior teaches us in the scriptures how important children are by blessing them one by one and praying unto the father for them*.  We desire as ward leadership to work proactively and not retroactively.  Our prayer for the Highland 28th ward is for a spirit of unity as we implement this new restroom policy. Thank you for your understanding and support. (*3 Nephi 17:21)

Sincerely yours,

The 28th Ward Leadership