FSY Conference – Summer 2023

Highland 28th Ward 

Dear Parents and youth of the Highland 28th Ward.

I’m sending out this email to let you know of the opportunity the youth have to attend a FSY Conference this coming summer.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has created a world wide FSY “For the Strength of Youth Conference” program modeled after the EFY conferences of the past and are offering all youth the opportunity to attend every other year.  

The youth in our Stake are eligible during the summer of 2023.  In August 2022, our Stake leaders elected to have our Stake youth have the opportunity to attend the conference on a individual basis, which means the Stake is not determining the week and location for our youth to attend.  This is good news as it allows for families to be flexible in their planning for their youth to attend.  This also means that each attendee will be responsible for registering themselves and picking a location and a week to attend.

If You have a desire to attend with a friend or extended family member that is also eligible to go this summer, please identify this other individual as someone you would like to share a room with.  This seems to be the only way to keep the youth connected to one another as part of their registration.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on this wonderful opportunity and hope that you will take full advantage of FSY by being prepared to register and attend.   

Eligibility: Youth turning age 14 and should not be older than 18 by December of 2022 should plan to attend.  Registration will begin early in 2023.

Dates: summer of 2023: May 29th to August 12th

Things to do to prepare for FSY in the Summer of 2023.

  1. Each youth needs approval from their Bishop to attend before they can register.  This was completed on November 28, 2002.
  2. Each of youth that is planning on attending needs to have an individual church account linked to their membership record.
    1. Please setup a youth account now so you are prepared when registration opens up.
    2. There may be situations where a youth is approved but is unable to register because his or her account is not set up properly.  Ensure that youth know their usernames and passwords prior to registration.  For more information about youth account issues, visit the Account Error Resolutions page.
  3. Registration will start in January of 2023.
  4. Please plan now by communicating with those that you would like to go with you to FSY. 
  5. Visit the FSY website for more information. 

Registration begins early 2023. Go to the Stake Assignments page to find out when and where your stake is invited to attend. See the Registration Timeline for important dates for 2023.

I’m making an assumption that all the youth in our ward have a desire to attend.  If you are not going to be attending please let me know asap so I can remove you from approval list.  

We hope that every young man or young women in our ward will have the desire to participate.  

  • Bishop Jeff Anderson

      “Stay Humble, Work Hard, & Be Kind”