Stake Blood Drive – October 22nd

To Our Stake Members –

We have the opportunity to provide a great service in donating blood at our upcoming Blood Drive on Saturday, October 22at the building on 10962 North 6400 West, Highland.

The Red Cross needs blood! The need for blood is increasing and the number of donors is decreasing. Blood that is donated is essential to helping trauma patients, those battling diseases like cancer, loss of blood during a surgery just to name a few. You never know when you or someone you know will need this gift, and what a great gift to share.

Making an appointment to help save lives is easy!

Click on this link to make an appointment: Click here to make an appointment

We are wanting to minimize walk-ins so we are asking appointments be made online.

·         If you need help scheduling your appointment or have questions regarding your donation, you can call our Red Cross rep, Anita Kay at (801) 367-2331. She will be happy to help in any way!

·         If you have questions about your eligibility, call 1-866-236-3276 and follow the prompts to Donor Eligibility.

·         Before you donate, eat, drink water and bring picture ID.

We need you, we appreciate you and most of all we thank you!

We hope you will sign up! 

Brother Vince Powell

Each presenting donor will receive a $5 gift card via email to merchant of choice